The Title is a short, engaging description of your AI chatbot. It provides a quick insight into the chatbot's role or persona. The Title appears alongside the chatbot's name in listings, helping potential users understand what the chatbot is about, particularly when the name itself might not be self-explanatory.

Note that Title is only used for display/discovery, it doesn't influence the chatbot's personality.

Here are some important points about Titles:

  1. Length: The Title should be a concise summary, ranging from 3 to 100 characters in length.

  2. Purpose: The Title serves as a snapshot of your character's role or personality. It answers the question, "What do you do?" from your character's perspective.

  3. Impact: An intriguing and accurate Title can greatly increase the likelihood of users interacting with your chatbot.

For example, if your chatbot's name is "Chef Antonio", a suitable Title could be "Your Italian Cooking Guide" or simply "Italian Cuisine Expert". If your chatbot is an expert in a specific field, the Title could be as straightforward as "Astrophysics Scholar".

Craft a Title that accurately captures your AI chatbot's essence while also engaging potential users' curiosity. Remember, first impressions count!

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