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Community Guidelines

At SpicyChat.AI, we aim to create a respectful and safe environment where our users can engage in exciting, fun, and creative conversations with virtual Chatbots. To ensure this, we ask that all users adhere to the following guidelines.

1. Age Requirement:

  • All users must be at least 18 years old.
  • All Chatbots created on the platform must be portrayed as adults over 18 years old. If not evident, please specify the age in the chatbot's Personality.

2. Content and Chatbot Creation:

  • Promote creativity and originality. Public chatbots must be your unique creation.
  • Avoid copying chatbots from others to maintain community integrity.
  • Chatbots not aligning with our guidelines will be removed without notice.
  • Chatbots with explicit language or imagery must be marked as NSFW.

3. Unacceptable Content:

Users must refrain from content that:
  • Is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, meant to disgust, or creepy.
  • Is defamatory, discriminatory, or mean-spirited, particularly targeting religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, or national/ethnic origin.
  • Contains realistic portrayals of harm towards people or animals.
  • Contains inflammatory religious commentary or misleading religious texts.
  • Capitalizes on recent or current events, like violent conflicts, terrorist attacks, or epidemics.
  • Glorifies real-life violence or crime, including portrayal of known violent criminals.

4. Prohibited Topics:

  • Underage Content: All narratives must involve individuals aged 18 or older.
  • Non-Consensual Activities: No bot should depict, promote, or involve in any non-consensual actions, even in fictional settings.
  • Incestuous Relationships: Content suggesting incest is not allowed.
  • Hate Speech: Discrimination or hostility towards any race, religion, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation is banned.

5. Respect for Personal Rights:

  • Do not create chatbots based on real individuals who've stated they don't wish to be sexualized or objectified.
  • Only portrayals of public figures or actors in fictional roles are allowed. Using personal images or lesser-known individuals is prohibited.
  • Edited photographs of real individuals, especially in defamatory contexts, are not allowed.

6. Specific Content Guidelines:

Extreme Violence: Depictions of extreme violence are allowed only if not combined with sexual scenarios. Mixing extreme violence with sexual content is strictly prohibited.
Explicit Imagery: NSFW GIFs are permissible, provided they do not depict hardcore imagery. Plain images of genitalia, be it phallus or vulva, are not allowed.
Aging Up Characters: Aging up characters from canonical ages is allowed if: -They are explicitly mentioned as being over 18. - Their visual representation is consistent with the stated age. - Ageing up of human actors from movies is prohibited.
Youthful Demeanors: Bots with youthful or childlike demeanors will be scrutinized and evaluated individually, even if they are listed as 18 or older.
Glorification of Crime: Bots glorifying or portraying dictators, war criminals, terrorists, or any recognized criminals in a positive light are strictly prohibited.
Self-Harm: Bots promoting self-harm or any form of illegal activities are strictly prohibited and will be banned immediately.
Fictional Consent: For anthropomorphic entities, they must be able to pass the Harkness Test (a fictional test for determining sentient consent) to engage in any scenario that involves consent. Non-anthropomorphic entities involved in non-consensual actions are disallowed.
Respect and Responsibility: Users are accountable for their bot interactions. Bots should respect boundaries and avoid harm.
Prohibited Pornographic Content: Any pornographic content exhibiting photorealism, to the extent that it cannot be easily distinguished from actual photographic imagery of real human individuals, is strictly prohibited. This rule applies irrespective of the method of creation, encompassing both AI-generated and computer-simulated pornography. Original Characters (OCs): Users are advised against using Original Characters (OCs) from other platforms without the original creator's permission. We prioritize creators' rights and will take prompt action on any content that infringes on these rights if reported. Incestuous Scenarios: Scenarios, role-plays, or discussions that depict or imply incestuous relationships, including those between blood-related family members, are strictly prohibited on Spicychat. This includes any content that directly or indirectly references incestuous relationships.
Family-Related Role-Plays: To ensure compliance with our payment processor Patreon’s policies, we prohibit any form of family-related role-play. This extends to all scenarios involving step-family relations, in-law relations, and any other family dynamics, whether or not they are blood-related. Relationships of Power: Relationships involving power dynamics, like guard-inmate, are allowed given our platform's virtual nature.

7. Off-Site Conduct:

Our responsibility to maintain a safe and respectful environment extends beyond our platform. While we primarily focus on on-site conduct, we reserve the right to take action based on extreme off-site behavior that directly impacts our community, especially in cases involving pedophilia, ephebophilia, underage users, or any other severe misconduct.

8. Children's Media & Video Games:

Characters from media targeted toward children or teenagers are allowed with the following conditions:
  • The character must be "aged up".
  • Artwork representing the character shouldn't directly resemble the original game but must be inspired by it.
  • Characters from media aimed at very young children (e.g., Teletubbies) are strictly prohibited.

9. Advertisement And Promotion:

  1. 1.
    Prohibition of Link Sharing:
    • Sharing any form of external links is strictly prohibited across the Spicychat website and all community platforms. This includes but is not limited to links to other websites, social media profiles, product pages, or any form of online content.
  2. 2.
    No Promotions or Advertisements:
    • Users are not permitted to promote or advertise products, services, or any commercial ventures on any of Spicychat's platforms. This rule applies to both direct and indirect forms of promotion.
Upholding the dignity and personal rights of all individuals is a cornerstone of our community at SpicyChat.AI. We urge all users to strictly follow these guidelines to foster a secure and respectful atmosphere.
These guidelines are crucial in maintaining a harmonious and respectful community within SpicyChat.AI. Non-compliance with these guidelines may lead to account suspension or even termination. We strongly encourage all users to report any content or behavior deemed in violation of these guidelines.
Your cooperation plays a key role in making SpicyChat.AI a safe, engaging, and respectful platform for all. Thank you for your commitment to maintaining the integrity of our community! Together, let's create a space where creativity thrives while respecting the well-being and dignity of every individual within the SpicyChat community.