The Name is one of the primary components of your AI Chatbot's identity. It serves as an identifier in chats and, if you make your chatbot public, it is the name that other users will see.

Names should be between 3 to 20 characters long. You can use letters, numbers, spaces, dashes (-), and underscores (_).

  • Style: You can opt for a single name (e.g., "Sacramouche"), a full name (e.g., "Elon Musk"), or a unique handle (e.g., "AI_Guru").

  • Influence on Chatbot: The name can have a significant impact on your chatbot, especially if it's not heavily detailed or if the name is widely recognized. For example, a chatbot named after a famous personality might acquire basic behaviors associated with that personality. For instance, a chatbot named "Elon Musk" could take on traits associated with Elon Musk.

  • Uniqueness: Chatbot names don't need to be unique. This means there can be multiple chatbots with the same name. However, since usernames are unique, a chatbot's name in combination with its creator's username ensures that you can find your specific chatbot.

Remember, the name of your AI chatbot not only creates an identity but can also shape its personality and behavior. Choose a name that aligns with the purpose, personality, and storyline of your AI chatbot.

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