Chatbot Visibility

The Visibility setting controls who can interact with your AI chatbot.

Here are the visibility options available:

  • Public: Choosing this option means your chatbot can be interacted with by anyone, and it will appear in public listings and search results. This is the option when you wanna share your creativity and imagination with the world and want the community to interact with your chatbot.

  • Unlisted: An unlisted chatbot is like a hidden treasure; only people who know the link can chat with your character. It won't appear in public listings or in search results. You can share the link that shows up in your browser when you click on a chatbot.

Remember that if you post this link publicly, anyone who sees it will be able to access and interact with your chatbot.

  • Private: If you want your chatbot to be your little secret, this is the option for you. A private chatbot is visible only to you. Even if you share a link to it, nobody else will be able to access or chat with your chatbot.

Note that even though hidden chatbots may not be visible to the general public, they are still visible to our moderators. If a chatbot violates our community guidelines, it will be removed, irrespective of its visibility status. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our community guidelines to ensure a safe and positive experience on our platform.

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