The Avatar is the visual representation of your AI chatbot. It complements the character's name and other elements to make your chatbot visually distinctive and engaging.

Avatars can be in various formats including PNG, GIF, and JPEG. We recommend using a rectangle aspect ratio image that is 640x832 for best display results and more flexibility.

Avatar Generation: You can generate an avatar using our Avatar generator tool. Simply click on 'Generate Avatar', and input a prompt describing the kind of image you want to create. Please keep in mind that the maximum limit for prompt tokens is 30.

Uploading an Avatar: Alternatively, if you already have an avatar, you can upload it directly.

An avatar is mandatory. You won't be able to create a character without an avatar.

Choose or create an avatar that embodies your AI chatbot's personality and theme. A compelling avatar can significantly enrich the user's interaction with your chatbot.

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