Example Dialogue


Example Dialogue is where you write how your chatbot should talk. So if your chatbot talks in a certain way or says some recurring sentences, you're going to write them inside those here.

Remember if the personality field is the brain, the greeting and example messages are the mouth of the chatbot.

Make sure that the example messages are long enough and have some good examples. You can give different example messages of your character talking and reacting to different situations. For example, a message when your chatbot is in danger, a message when your chatbot is horny, a message when your chatbot is angry, etc.

The tags {{char}} and {{user}} are employed to depict the character and user respectively in our conversation examples.

Don't forget to separate conversations by a '<START>' tag so that the model understands it's a different conversation.

The scenarios or the context of the conversation are enclosed within asterisks (*) as this will cause them to be displayed in blue in the chat interface. This helps in setting the scene or providing additional context to the dialogue.

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