🚀Advanced Attributes

The Advanced section provides you the highest level of flexibility to mold your chatbot, but it also brings along its own complexities. It's essentially a blank canvas that invites a great deal of creativity to extract specific behaviors.

Remember, sometimes, less is more for certain chatbots. You might find that a creatively crafted greeting, which allows the AI to create its own context, might yield better results than a meticulously structured definition. It all depends on the chatbot and the context.

Instead of approaching it with a specification or programming mindset, think in terms of experimentation and innovation.

We are on this exploratory journey alongside you! This section will introduce some ways to utilize the advanced features in your chatbot definition. However, these are not exhaustive instructions but a means to spark your creativity about the possibilities.

This advanced section consists of two optional attributes: Scenario and Example Dialogue. Let's delve deeper into these.

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