Multiple User Personas

Introducing Multiple User Personas! This feature lets you craft distinct identities for your chats. Each persona can have a unique name, avatar, and highlight, making every one of your chat experiences more unique, personalized and immersive.

How to Use User Personas

  1. Creating a Persona:

    • Go to the Personas page and click on Create New.

    • Enter a Name, Avatar, and Highlight to create a new persona.

  2. Updating or Deleting a Persona:

    • From Personas page, select the persona you'd like to update or delete.

    • Make the necessary changes or delete the persona.

  3. Selecting a Persona:

    • When starting a new chat, you will be prompted to select which Persona you'd like to use.

    • You can also select which persona to use as your default from the Personas management page.

Tier-Based Limits

Your ability to create personas depends on your subscription tier:

  • Free: Max of 3 Personas

  • Get a Taste: Max of 10 Personas

  • True Supporter: Max of 50 Personas

  • I’m All In: Max of 100 Personas

Exceeding Persona Limits

If you exceed your persona limit after downgrading your tier, you will need to delete enough personas to fit within your current tier’s allowance before you can create or edit any personas. Attempting to create a new persona when you’ve reached your limit will prompt an upgrade message with information about persona limits per tier.

Consistency Across Conversations

  • When a persona is selected for a conversation, its name and avatar will be used throughout that conversation.

  • If a persona set for a conversation is deleted, the conversation will revert to your default profile.

  • Starting a new chat will retain the persona from the current conversation.

Saved Chats Pages

  • Your selected persona will be displayed in the list of previous conversations.

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