🛠️OpenAI Api on SpicyChat

On SpicyChat, it's possible to use your own OpenAI API Key, giving you access to one of the most advanced text generation model to turbo charge your role playing experience.


  • Enhanced Language Capabilities: ChatGPT, has been trained on diverse internet text, allowing it to understand and generate human-like responses with a broader understanding of language (175B parameters vs 7B parameters)

  • Improved Creativity: ChatGPT's larger size enables it to exhibit more creative and imaginative behavior, generating engaging and diverse responses for immersive role-playing experiences.

  • Better Context Awareness: ChatGPT can maintain context over longer conversations, remembering and referring to previous statements or events, ensuring a coherent and consistent narrative (4096 tokens vs 2048 tokens).

  • Fast Response Time: ChatGPT offers efficient response times, allowing for smooth and interactive role-playing experiences.


  • Cost: Utilizing the ChatGPT API comes with a cost of $0.002 per 1000 tokens. That means about $5 per 1000 messages.

  • Moderation Challenges: While OpenAI has implemented moderation mechanisms to prevent inappropriate content, the moderation layer may sometimes err on the side of caution and excessively filter responses. This could result in the omission or modification of certain responses that are actually within the acceptable boundaries of the role-playing scenario.

Read about OpenAI modes to find out how to switch away from openAI for NSFW conversations by using the Hybrid mode.

Or jump right away to Getting your openAI api key, including a free $5 in credits from openAI.

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