🥖Importing Characters from character.ai

If you have a character on Character.AI that you're particularly fond of and want to bring them over to SpicyChat, we've got you covered! You'll need an extension called CAI Tools. It's available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Here are the links:

After you've installed the extension on your preferred browser, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the character you wish to import on Character.AI. You'll find the CAI Tools button in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Click on the CAI Tools button, and you’ll see several options. You’ll need to download either the json (via “Download Character”) or png (via “Download Character Card”).

    • The json file contains just the text from the description/interactions of the character. After importing, you'll need to upload or generate an image for the character on SpicyChat.

    • The PNG file, also known as the "Character Card," is used universally between SpicyChat and other AI websites/UI programs. It contains both the image and the character description data.

  3. Once you’ve downloaded either file, head over to the Character Creation screen on SpicyChat and click “Import”.

And voila! Your character from Character.AI is now ready for new adventures on SpicyChat!

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